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About Us

ASWAQ magazine is a pioneer published magazine in Malaysia. beginning circulation in 2009 as the first Arabic-English magazine issued and published in Malaysia; ASWAQ presents a platform to promote and portray Malaysia as a destination of choice for Middle Easterners, as the diverse topics covered ASWAQ range from tourism, business & investment, Education, medical tourism amongst many other interesting topics and additions, making ASWAQ the highest circulated bi-lingual magazine in the Malaysian market effectively bridging Malaysia to the Arab world.

Our Mission

To present a reliable and trustworthy platform for comprehensive information on Malaysia; Bridging Malaysia to the Arab World.

Our Vision

To become a globally recognised magazine connecting Malaysia to the Arab World in viable fields, ranging from Business and Investment, to Tourism, Culture, Educationamongst many other fields and aspects.

Magazine Concept

The conceptualisation of ASWAQ is to emphasise on topics that intrigue Arabs and Middle Easterners in Malaysia, where there are several sections in the magazine dedicated to different topics such as : Economy, Tourism, Education, Literature, etc. Where the magazine caters for a wide spectrum of readers.


ASWAQ‘sreadership is 150,000 readers each month from all walks of life below are our stats at a glance:

ASWAQ’s Stats at a glance.

  • Readership


  • Website

    30.000 Monthly

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    50.000/ Month

  • Circulation

    8 Years

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Middle-East & GCC

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