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Aquaria KLCC is presenting a Christmas Fun to sea

17/12/2015 0 249 views

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Kuala lumpur – ASWAQ

KLCC is presenting a Christmas Fun to Sea Voyage this festive season with an exciting new series of underwater Christmas fun. This year, visitors will be mesmerised by the unique Giant Pacific Octopus enrichment activity, the magical performance of real life mermaids on selected days, and Aquaria KLCC’s signature Scuba Santa to bring the aquatic friends some yuletide spirits, including exciting on-ground activities for visitors.
With a vast array of truly memorable and highly educational Christmas experience, a Christmas FUN2SEA Voyage in Aquaria KLCC will definitely be an unforgettable one! Starting from 7th December until 31st December 2015, catch the Asian Small-Clawed Otters feeding session and see them unveil a Christmas greeting to visitors. Witness the Giant Pacific Octopus unwrap its own Christmas gift to retrieve a treat. On selected days, experience the magical moments of real life mermaids in an underwater performance before the arrival of the signature Scuba Santa to spread the spirit of Christmas with his marine friends. Enjoy the awesome fish feeding ‘Christmas Treats’ sessions at the Deep Forest only in this festive season.


There will also be interactive and engaging workshops held throughout the month that are sure to provide inspiration, skills and techniques in all aspects of Christmas, especially to enhance children’s experience through a variety of hands-on activities. The daily Christmas educational activities include the Otter Christmas
Treat which highlights the semi-aquatic mammals’ diet and feeding behaviour, as well as hands-on Christmas tree and aquarium tank decoration using aquatic life ornaments. This workshop is perfectly designed for children aged 6-12 years which is complimentary upon purchase of Aquaria KLCC admission ticket.
In the spirit of Christmas cheer and holiday season, Aquaria KLCC is also proud to introduce the newly launched Holodeck MoonLab in Station Aquarius where you can go on an immersive augmented reality journey through time. Put on the Christmas props and witness the animals from the past and present blend into the world with you.
The Christmas Fun2Sea Voyage would not be complete without the special appearance by our Santa and Santarinas, together with Aquaria KLCC’s mascot Rocky who will be greeting visitors to spread the yuletide spirits and holiday cheer. Plus, everyone will have the chance to receive a small holiday gift from Santa’s Elves this Christmas at Aquaria KLCC!
Wishing you a blissful Merry Christmas, and let’s enjoy a Christmas Fun2Sea Voyage at Aquaria KLCC.

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