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Arab media tour in Malaysia

15/01/2014 0 28 views

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In conjunction with international forum therapeutic tourism
Arab media tour to stand on a therapeutic tourism in Malaysia,
Kuala Lumpur – aswaq
Malaysian organized body therapeutic tourism, in conjunction with the Second International therapeutic tourism, which was held at the end of last year in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, media tour to a number of the Arab media with a view to the moratorium closely on advanced health services in Malaysia and follow-up and monitoring of the services in the curative tourism in Malaysia, where this tour comes within the plan of the Government of Malaysia to promote therapeutic tourism worldwide, especially in the Arab countries.
media delegation consisted of a number of Arab) speaks representing the different media yet universally famous magazines and satellite TV in the Arab Gulf countries, especially Arab, tour included a visit to many of the health-care institutions in several states of Malaysia, which provide therapeutic tourism services, the most important hospitals “K” health care. Also, the delegation to participate in the proceedings of the Second International Forum therapeutic tourism briefed the near the programs carried out by the Commission aimed at the advancement of therapeutic tourism sector and promote this sector in the Arab countries.

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