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Dato’ Seri Raza Khan: we promoting the moderation of Islam to Muslims and non Muslims

14/09/2015 0 255 views

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Kuala Lumpur – Mohammed Alsoofi

The seal of the prophets, the Prophet of God, Mohammad “may Allah bless him”, he was born in the year 570 in the year of the “Al feel” in Mecca, the Prophet Mohammed was born in 12 Rabi AlAwal in 25 years before migration, the Prophet Mohammad belongs to the tribe of Quraish and descending from the descendants Ismail, his father Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib and his mother Amenah Bint wahab, He bulk if the human worth of grandeur is Mohammad, this speech scientists and the West. has been remembered and revered by Muslims believe in it has been remembered and revered by, It is a supreme Intercessor remains loyal to paradise on the Day of Resurrection, That Mohammad “May Allah bless him” and deserves greatness, How do they remove people from the depths of darkness into light equipments to a way that is straight.

Kuala Lumpur will host in July next happened embrace the rasulullah in the period 29 JULY TO 9 August 2015, where several events and activities will be known as Muslims and non Muslims the prophet Mohammed, “peace be upon him” to people, on this occasion, “ASWAQ” Met with Dato’ Sri Mohammad Reza Khan in charge of organizing this effectiveness and we held the following interview with him:


·   First of All I would like to thank you for you kind invitation, and tell us more about this event commencement?

We started the exercise last year in May, and I went with minister of tourism Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz to visit Sheikh Ahmed Al Khazraji in his palace In UAE who’s custodian holy relics, and we viewed and we decided to bring it to Malaysia for the first time, the relics include his hair and said beard and around 27 relics, We will hold a ceremony hair laundering prophet purging during the event, visitors to see its stature and greatness, will be Sheikh Ahmed to express Malaysians and explanation to the hair of the prophet in Astana Negara National Palace, also during this event we have other events, I will be the relics at the National Palace, and the second will be an international conference, where will be the most important woven many of the attitudes of Islam and try to clarify and explain to the public, and we will talk about the life of prophet on how to quaint treated his life and how non Muslims, we hope to deliver a message non Muslims to understand Muslims with Love and peace.


·        What is the message that you want to delivery through this event

As I mentioned earlier this event focuses on the life of the Prophet and treated with non Muslims, this event is very important to clarify the picture’s moderate Islam, moderation, and this effectiveness to explain the Islamic ethics to Muslims and non Muslims through the life of the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, and his positions and transactions which do not call for extremism and violence, but calls for peace and love, where we want the clear message non Muslims not to their judgment on the Islam through some situations such as “Charlie Hebdo” attack and explosions that occur in many places, but these acts of beyond the guardian the prophet, peace be followed for Muslims.

·        Who’s the main supporter for this exhibition?

We get a support and approval from the ministry of tourism and culture in Malaysia, with special support from the minister of tourism Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz and Malaysian ministry of home affairs, and the religious department “JAKIM”; also we prepare to invite one speaker from Vatican, and Jews scholar from New York, and as we in Malaysia we have many people live in the country with different background religions to show them what’s the right and the peaceful Islam also for the others from all around of the world we should carry this responsibility and promote for our behavior and Islamic life.

·        Is this the first time to hold this exhibition in Malaysia?

Yes this is the first time in Malaysia to promote the moderation of Islam through this exhibition.


·        Can you tell us more about the relics of Prophet Mohammed?

Actually it’s 27 as I mentioned in the beginning, includes the hair and said beard and he’s beard and mustache and footprint and some parts of clothes and Siti Fatimah clothes and other items.

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