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Diving in malaysia

02/12/2014 0 85 views

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Kuala Lumpur- “ASWAQ”

Malaysia is famous for the most beautiful tourist areas and entertainment in Asia , where there is the fifth best place to dive in the world,  which is located south of Peninsular ” Malaysian Borneo ” , which is the third largest island in the world , and spread around hundreds of tropical islands , which gives amazing charm to the island ranking it amongst the best diving sites in the world, as well as equally amazing beaches that attract diving enthusiasts annually .

It is not surprising that Malaysia is one of the best dive destinations in the world, as it embraces in the depths of the seas a variety of landscapes reefs sloping in different shapes and colours , where there are coral gardens in different places in Malaysia , and  there is the wall of the cave on the island of ” Sipadan “, what makes it more unique is the marine life which are rarely seen in other places in the world , so frequented by lovers of diving tourism from various countries around the world throughout the year are the Islands ” Sipadan ” ,” Redang ” ,” Tioman ” and ” Brhuntaan ” each with its unique charm and characteristics.

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