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Dubai’s DNATA Travel Launches New Tours and Services for Muslim Travellers

15/04/2016 0 96 views

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Dubai – “ASWAQ”

Dnata Travel, a travel agency in Dubai, has announced its new tours and travel services called “Holidays Tailored for You”, mainly catering for the needs of Muslim travellers looking for Halal food and Muslim-friendly experience.

The program offers Muslim holidaymakers special packages which allow them the flexibility to perform their prayers easily at a number of destinations, including exotic beach vacations in Zanzibar, action-packed adventures in Kuala Lumpur and cultural excursions in Geneva.

These packages also include Muslim-friendly hotel accommodations mostly serving halal food, with prayer rooms on-site, provide prayer mats, Qurans and Qibla indicators in every room, including alcohol-free minibars, and also offer Ramadan catering options. Apart from hotels, holiday packages can also be customized to suit customers’ needs, including excursions operated by Muslim staff.

Dnata Travel Middle East & India senior vice president, Abdulla Tawakul said, “Halal tourism is one of the fastest growing segments in the global travel industry representing US$230 billion in annual spending by 2020. As the largest travel agency in the Middle East, Dnata Travel is uniquely equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to book holidays that permit customers to practice their faith.”

Dnata Travel expects to attract holidaymakers from Western Europe, including United Kingdom and Spain, and will focus largely on customers from 57 Muslim countries in the world, with a large portion of bookings expected from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

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