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Global participation starting September 12 … Langkawi hosts the Asian Travel Market (PTM)

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Malaysia’s Langkawi Island will host the PTA Travel and Tourism Market (PTM), from 12 to 14 September at the Mahsuri International Conference and Exhibition Center (MIEC), with more than 60 destinations worldwide and a wide range of China, Japan, Korea, ASEAN countries, Australia, the Pacific Islands and South Asian countries. Many tourism and products related to Asia Pacific countries will be reviewed.

More than 10,000 job interviews will be held during the event, with more than 300 international tourism buyers and tourism industry professionals, as well as access to more than 1,000 delegates. The exhibition will also feature a forum for young students and professionals to familiarize them with the tourism potential of participating countries and exhibitors. The exhibition will also feature awards and awards for outstanding business in the Asia and Pacific travel industry.

There is also a new concept forum to promote emerging technology, customized travel options and value-added services that can be added to tourism companies, including the creation of a 2018 Innovation Camp. 15 of the most innovative companies will have a unique opportunity to showcase their business model and convince international investors to help. To make their vision a reality; and 34 prizes will be presented to those eligible for their marketing and tourism promotion efforts.

A pioneering opportunity for Malaysia

The Tourism Malaysia expressed its pride and pride in hosting this year’s prestigious international event for the Asia-Pacific region. It is a pioneering opportunity to connect entrepreneurs and generate huge returns and contracts, paving the way for travel and tourism companies to meet with decision-makers in those countries. On new customers, expand networks, establish new relationships, and strengthen existing business for different partnerships.

“It is also a great opportunity for the Langkawi Development Authority and the major players to promote tourism in this important island as a unique and unique regional and international tourist destination,” said Dato Haji Azizan Nooruddin, CEO of the Langkawi Development Corporation. From 3,000 people to the travel market, including exhibitors, buyers, media, government representatives, and the PTM team.

A number of seminars will be organized during the travel market, including speakers from around the world, including Malaysia, who will make presentations about Langkawi as a geological park destination as well as other tourist attractions in the country, Azizan said.

Langkawi .. Isle of Mythology

The island of Langkawi, which hosts the exhibition and is described as “The Island of Legends” and “The Jewel of Kedah”, is a tropical paradise known for its charming natural beauty, friendly people, outstanding food, duty-free shopping and luxury hotels and resorts, and is the main island in the archipelago of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea It is located off the coast of Malaysia Peninsula, part of the Malaysian state of Kadh, the south of Thailand and East Sumatra of Indonesia.

Langkawi is also described as one of the world’s best sanctuaries, a global attraction for ecotourism, and has been designated as a global geological reserve by UNESCO. It is home to many tourist attractions and luxury hotels, while retaining Malaysia’s ancient heritage and historical charm.

The Malaysian Tourism Authority has been a member of the Asia-Pacific Association for Tourism and Travel (PTM) since 1959, and this year’s exhibition is a good opportunity to explore the potential of the island of Langkawi tourism and culture, enhancing its global presence and presence.

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