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18/02/2014 0 104 views

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Kuala lumpur ASWAQ

Smart phone to prevent spying on calls

In a new development by the two companies, they took the manufacture and development of a unique and intelligent device , where an American and Spanish companies are cooperating to produce a phone: ” BlackBerry iPhone ” resistant to espionage , as in the midst of recent cases of spying on phone calls around the world , the phone is scheduled for launch next month and will be protected against espionage operations , and will also be resistant to piracy and hacking .

Users can communicate in a safe way, as this phone uses encrypted information , as data including phone and video calls will be protected using a complicated tough-to-break B-code.
The phone’s system will be an upgraded version of Android OS, and the planned announcement will take place in April, 2014 at Barcelona Cellular Devices forum.

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