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Dubai – “ASWAQ”
The UAE which now ranks 1st in the Gulf, the Arab World and the West Asian region for e-services, has gained 3rd place in Asia and 8th globally, according to the 2016 E-Government Development Index (EGDI) issued by the UN Department of Economics and Social Affairs. The report said that the UAE and Bahrain are among the global leaders in e-government development index, where the UK came 1st, followed by Australia and South Korea.
The EGDI is part of an overall index used to determine growth in e-government development which is calculated based on the average of three sub-indices: online service, human capital, and telecommunication infrastructure. The UN report focuses on the development of e-government across 193 countries through the measurement of EGDI.
The UAE government used e-smart services as one of its main indicators within its national agenda, while also measuring how much these services are being used by the general public, in order to provide overall happiness and lifestyle for its users.
The e-smart services indicator which is made up of four levels showed that the UAE achieved full marks on developing information services and enhanced information services, while achievements on the level of transactional services and connected services gained 87 percent and 66 percent respectively.
The new UN report shows that the UAE is listed among the world’s leading countries in terms of the level of progress in e-governance as well as in e-participation. For the e-participation index, the UAE and Bahrain are ranked 1st in the Arab World and 32nd globally.
Hamad Al Mansouri, director-general, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, said: “We are coming close to our goal to be No.1 in the world. We are aware that when we get closer to the summit, the competition becomes fiercer and, accordingly, we promise our wise leadership to exert more efforts in order to continue working tirelessly and not lose direction in our quest no matter how intense the challenges will be. We look forward to being ranked first place in 2021; this is not an option but a commitment for us to achieve and live up to.”

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